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I’m a design researcher with prototyping experience. I champion people's unique needs while understanding what drives the success of a product or service. 

I’m open-minded when it comes to deciding which tools, methods or skills to use. Whatever gets the job done well and equitably.

I enjoy complex problems that require patience and creativity. I can zoom out to connect needs across users, staff, business goals, technology, and contexts such as policy, regulation, and accessibility.

Reach out! My email address is elizabethjferguson at

You can also find me on LinkedIn.

How I dive into a problem, generate opportunity areas and help others use design research.

💡  Case Studies

Legacy Modernization Pilot (Coming soon!)

Research, user testing and prototyping of a new portal for licensees and staff to modernize legacy systems.

Customer-Centric Initiative (Coming soon!)

Design research to demonstrate the value of human-centered design to staff across seven teams.

A few projects from my past: a protest web app and museum interactive design.

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