Virtual Reality Prototype

Becoming is a multiplayer virtual reality prototype in which two visitors become historical figures from the past.


Visitors embody avatars that are representative of two women who dedicated their lives to environmental justice, Wangari Maathai (1940 - 2011) and Rachel Carson (1907 - 1964). Together they must collaborate to unravel these women's stories by completing interactions indicative of their accomplishments, and exploring spaces designed to evoke the spaces in which they lived.

This project was created with Isabella Vento for a course titled Desert of the Real: Deep Dive into Social VR, and taught by Igal Nassima at ITP at NYU. You can read more in our slide deck here

Role: Ideation, experience design, programming, character design, asset curation, user testing.

Technical Notes

We employed a variety of tools to create the multiplayer experience and mixed-media aesthetic of the project. 

You can see our source code on Github over here. We also used:


  • Unity’s NetworkingManager to allow two players to interact together in the same space in VR, by using concepts such as clients, servers, spawning, authority, synchronization, networking objects, and networking avatars.

  • SteamVR’s latest plugin to use Oculus’ hardware to rig the avatars we designed, which allowed players to control their avatars with only three reference points, including one’s goggles and two hand controllers.  

  • Structure SDK’s app to scan objects using photogrammetry.

  • Adobe Fuse to design by hand each character’s body.

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